Introducing the TrueTour™ & QuickQuote Integration: Close Your Leads Faster!

Being the first RFP system for the hospitality industry which provides instant quotes for event leads, QuickQuote now integrates with TrueTour™ to provide a seamless booking experience.

QuickQuote elevates the user experience in a day when event prospects need answers fast. Providing a competitive edge above other properties who require prospects to wait long hours or days for RFP results to return, QuickQuote provides faster booking speeds and quicker closing rates. By the time your competition has given a lead their quote, you’ll already have them signing on the dotted line.

We’re providing a QuickQuote link directly in the TrueTour APP, so customers can view instant price feedback as early as possible in the buying cycle. As your prospects view your enchanting spaces, imagining all of the possibilities of their event, a QuickQuote Call-to-Action can live on the top of the screen and keep the viewer engaged with your sales funnel without ever needing to leave their TrueTour. Each Call-to-Action is customized to your company’s branding so it fits with your signature aesthetic.

Information in real-time

You can also integrate QuickQuote into your lefthand menu to allow your sales team to pull up QuickQuote while on a site tour or at a trade show, capturing leads and contact information in real-time.

Wedding QuickQuote integration

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Madeline Daryadel, founder of QuickQuote, says “the ability to provide an immediate quote to your event shoppers gives you a leg up when they’re searching for the perfect venue. You can pre-qualify your leads, gather contact information and incentivize your event prospects to book early. QuickQuote users see a significant decrease in booking speed and hear their prospects decided to book with them due to the fact that they got an instant quote and could make an instant decision instead of waiting.”

“Because every venue is unique, we work with each client to create wedding planning pages that reflect the character and personality of their property. Images, colors, and fonts create a seamless connection to your site.”


Just as TrueTour provides a bespoke user experience tailored to your company’s specific branding and helps companies decrease their booking times, the QuickQuote interface can be tailored for your branding and help you achieve your sales goals.

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Stay tuned for even more integrations on the horizon as we provide our TrueTour customers with the latest methods to close prospects faster and drive incremental revenue!

Already a QuickQuote customer? Ask your Support Representative to integrate QuickQuote into your property’s TrueTour APP today.

Want to learn more about leveraging QuickQuote for your property or venue? Visit their website to learn more: