What is the difference between the RFP on my website and the Wedding QuickQuote™?

Wedding QuickQuote is a “Call to Action” designed to open a more personal channel of communication between the user and your property. The interactive Q&A format creates a conversation online and will qualify inquiries. The Wedding QuickQuote is an effective sales tool, displaying options and igniting the bride’s imagination with your list of amenities and services.

Brides don’t complete our current online RFP form, and it’s only a few lines, why would they complete the Wedding QuickQuote?

Every future bride has two questions:

  • Is my date available?
  • What is the cost? (Budget)

Unlike a blank online RFP, the Wedding QuickQuote answers these questions. It’s FUN! Brides enjoy using the Wedding QuickQuote. The interactive feature holds their attention and can up-sell and offer new ideas. Receiving an estimated cost is a compelling reason to complete the form.

The Internet seems like an impersonal place to plan a wedding — don’t brides prefer to speak with a real person to plan such an important event?

For today’s bride-to-be and wedding planner, finding the right location begins at their convenience on the Internet. After the initial search, priority will be given to venues that respond in a timely manner and provide relevant information. With Wedding QuickQuote you provide the best customer service, which will place your property at the top of the list.

I want each bride to see my venue so I can WOW her — how do I accomplish this?

Start with installing the Wedding QucikQuote on your home page. Users are thrilled to get an instant response about date availability. The actual WOW experience begins when she starts selecting options and planning her wedding on your web site. With proposal in hand, she will be anxious to see the property and meet you in person.

Our brides want their event to be planned exclusively for them; I’m worried that this would not allow us to customize each wedding.

Wedding QuickQuote builds the foundation for your personal relationship with the bride. By displaying examples of wedding packages, amenities, and services, the excitement of possibility is set in motion. Remaining details of customization can be discussed during the first in-person meeting when she signs the agreement.

How will I give brides the individual attention they demand?

You have a head start with Wedding QucikQuote. Your copy of the quote gives you a detailed outline of her choices. It identifies your client’s preferences and budget before she even walks through your door. This way you can personalize even at the very first meeting.

How does a bride find the Wedding QuickQuote?

For easy access, the Wedding QuickQuote icon with a link to the wedding pages will be placed on your homepage and your wedding site. To increase visibility, the icon/link can be embedded in any affiliate website, email communication, online ads, and e-mail advertising. Featuring the Wedding QuickQuote in Press Releases and print material will provide additional visibility. A standalone website, featuring images of your venue with links to your Quick Quote, will be provided at no additional fee.

How do we know if we have any inquiries?

A copy of each inquiry is e-mailed directly to an assigned contact at your venue. Every inquiry is archived in a password protected administration area for follow-up, tracking and revenue reports.

This is a new product. Maybe I should hold off until you have some experience…

Wedding QuickQuote is a new product for the hospitality industry. However, providing an interactive questionnaire and presenting an estimated cost is not new to the online user. (e.g.: cars, clothing, appliances, etc). Regarding technology, our parent company, is an award winning provider of electronic solutions with over 10,000 hospitality clients worldwide.

I don’t have the budget to purchase it now.

You have nothing to lose. We offer a 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Wedding QuickQuote program we will refund your entire set-up fee. The additional business gained through Wedding QuickQuote will more than compensate you for the initial cost.