“Wonderful idea.  Wish more venues used this program.”

~ becauseican077

“easy to use and even better packages for the price, will be coming back just searching around for other information. thank you”

~ keuankaewgray

“Great experience!”

~ carolynne72

“Thank you and I hope I can have my wedding here.”

~ CappuccinoCar92

“very nice. loved how fast & easy that process was”

~ ariel.watts

“loved the wedding quick quote!”

~ asb1120

“this was very convenient; great start, look forward to meeting event planner to discuss further info”

~ ashatucf

“Great system! Looking forward for someone to contact me with more info!!”

~ lquaiscer

“Quick and easy experience that really will help in our decision on what venue to go with”

~ brandi9621

“Fast and easy.”

~ m_angel1975

“I enjoyed that there were options to select what I wanted and also for each selection there was a description.”

~ adeltrujillo91

“I love how it allowed us to choose the things we wanted instead of making us pick and choose between things we really want and a bunch of things we do not need. Before looking at TI we were very close to booking with Viva Las Vegas because their packages were reasonable and included what we wanted in a nice outdoor setting. TI has made us consider a hotel venue again. Thank you.”

~ simplyannalise

“I REALLY liked this feature.  I fell less anxious when I can see an estimate of costs up front.  Thank you!”

~ Kwhiteecu

“So easy to use! My fiance even commented that it was the easiest form we’ve filled out all day! Thank you :)”

~ lisagenovese25

“My QuickQuote experience is best experience I have thus far in my search for a wedding venue. Not having to wait for a quote is helping us expedite and save precious time in making a final decision for our special day.”

~ dawnsledge33

“Very impressed on how quick and easy it was!”

~ amekyork

“It was easy to do they had everything that I wanted for my wedding”

~ tontee17

“I was excited to see that there was a QuickQuote option on the website.  However, the page crashed numerous times and I was unable to go back and change my selections to see changes in price.  When I closed the page and re-entered the QuickQuote website from the wedding page on the Windjammer website, I experienced better results.  The page did not crash and the loading time was faster.”

~ carlynfreddiewedding