Theme Wedding For Every Bride

One of the most common questions that comes to the mind of every bride is what would be a suitable theme for her wedding?  You may want to start at the ceremony with your bridesmaid’s dresses and carry it through to the reception.

Defining a wedding theme helps the decision-making process for décor, colors, centerpieces, etc.  Having a beach ceremony, use shells and tiki torches at your reception. Considering a rustic western, or a vintage theme think about arriving at the ceremony or reception in a carriage, wagon or 1940 limousine.

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Woodland Forest Theme

Photo Banter Snaps. Unsplash.
Photo Banter Snaps. Unsplash
Photo Kelly Sikkema. Unsplash. Rustic Wedding theme
Photo Kelly Sikkema. Unsplash

Get back to nature with this organic yet amazing theme for people who love outdoor activities. Having your wedding arranged in the actual forest by setting up large pillar candles, hanging lightweight fabrics and positioning flower arrangements for the ceremony will make the ambiance wild and unique.

If you wish to carry out the ceremony indoors rather than in the forest, bring the woods inside with leaves, stumps, and branches throughout to create a rustic atmosphere.

A menu from Farm to Table would be an added treat.

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Historical Vintage Theme

Vintage decoration for Weddings
Vintage decoration for Wedding

You can draw inspiration from past decades if you want a vintage style for your wedding. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your wedding and outfit look beautiful and elegant. For the ceremony and reception, you can rely on antique décors like worn-in wood seats, or weathered doors.

You can enhance the vintage theme by inviting your guest to dress as they would for a wedding at Downton Abbey. 

Downton Abbey
Downtown Abbey

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Bohemian Theme

Bohemian Wedding car

A bohemian theme remains cool and carefree and still looks beautiful. You can keep your wedding decorations simplistically elegant with rugs lining the altar and aisle. You can add hanging macramé decoration or decorative pillows.

Tie-Dye table runners or napkins can help set a 60’s Hippy Theme.

A Romantic Theme using Pastel Colors 

Romantic theme

Pastels will set the romantic mood and turn the atmosphere to the color of love, lending a sweet touch to your event. You can pair pink with gray to give your wedding a light and breezy touch.  Baby blue, teal, turquoise are good options that will not overpower the romantic theme.

You can add flowers and tulle to create an ethereal effect throughout the wedding. Backdrop lighting has become very popular.  Colored spotlights on the dance floor and candles throughout the ceremony and reception will add to the romance of the evening.

Intense Biker Theme

Photo by Lauren Rader on Unsplash
Photo by Lauren Rader on Unsplash

If you want to skip old and traditional themes, you can bring your bad and romantic side at the same time with a raw biker theme. A Hard Rock DJ. or hiring a heavy metal band with electric guitars can set the tone.  A leather jacket and a street style gown will look unique on the aisle.

Remember to ride off into the sunset on your motorcycle to make a memorable exit for both you and your guests.

 Biker Wedding Theme

Sport Theme Weddings

Sport Wedding Theme
A cake topper by

Be it football, baseball, basketball or soccer your sport theme can start with your invitations.   Arrange your ceremony on the playing field and rent a team bus to take your guests to the reception.   

There are decorations, cakes and centerpieces galore to fit your theme.  All focused to give you and your guests a rah, rah go couple go, winning wedding sporting event.