How To Buy A Wedding Dress?

Searching for your wedding dress is an exciting process. Most brides spend an average of $1,700 on a wedding dress, according to the NewlyWed Report 2019. Should you want to lower your budget there are many options you may want to consider. Like finding a non-traditional gown, renting has become very popular, visit a few second-hand shops or try shopping online in your area, so you can try before you buy. In any case, keep in mind your timeline, the venue and some of the following suggestions regarding the shopping process.

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Get Professional Advice

The style of the wedding gown should be selected to compliment your body shape.  Visit a bridal salon or boutique with an experienced sales staff that can advise and suggest a style of dress which will suit your body.   Some additional things too kept in mind while deciding on the right wedding dress would be your complexion, height, and venue. Consider the theme of your wedding day.  Is it romantic, casual, formal or a party-like atmosphere? Do you want to look sexy, showing off bits of your body or a more conservative look, feel free to ask your expert what works best for you.  The more information you share with them, the better chance you have of finding the dress that is perfect for you.

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Decide Your Style

Take your time. Purchase a few bridal magazines and attend a bridal show in your area. Be clear on what you want before you start shopping, whether you need a trendy style or want to adopt a traditional look. If you want to appear like a timeless and classic beauty, then check out the traditional designs, and if you want a more glamourist Hollywood look,  go ahead with a fitted bodice, short hems, detached sleeves or capes.

How to buy a wedding dress- Mermaid style. Photo PixabayFor an hourglass figure, the mermaid, fit-n-flare silhouette can be found in both the traditional and contemporary styles. On the other hand, the simple sheath looks better on willowy and taller brides. A voluminous ball gown can give a fantastic makeover but usually does not work on petite frames.

how to buy a wedding dress Shopping at the Right Time

A good time to start shopping would be ten months before your wedding date, so you have enough time to decide. Should you be purchasing from a salon or boutique, less than six months before your special day may be considered rush orders and you may encounter an extra fee.

Take into consideration the delivery window, and make sure you include plenty of time for at least one visit to the dressmaker for alterations.

Being Realistic about Your Budget

Set your budget beforehand. If you are shopping online, consider other factors such as shipping, tax, return policy and alterations.

Being Realistic about Your Size

wedding dress how to buy

Many brides want to improve their shape for their wedding. However, even if you are dieting, purchase your dress using your present size, not what you hope to be. It is better to take in a gown than to add an inch or two.

Check out the Return Policies

How to buy a wedding dress-return policies

Whether you are shopping in a traditional salon or online, make sure you are familiar with their return and refund policies. You don’t want to end up with a dress that is not what you expected.