Creative Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for something unique and creative for your special day? We have come up with some wedding ideas to surprise your guests.

A Confession Booth

Creative wedding ideas

This experiment could be entertaining as many secrets will come out, which you would have never known about your guests. All you need to do is rent a video booth where guests can record a quick message to you on your wedding or a true confession.



Transportation by Air for the Wedding Couple or Guests

Creative wedding ideasWhat about renting an unexpected way of transportation from the wedding ceremony to the reception with the help of a hot air balloon ride? It will take your wedding to new heights. You may customize their journey as well by playing music of your choice.




A Live Painting

Ben Keys. Wed on Canvas. Wedding Live Painting. Creative wedding ideasCreate an engaging and memorable experience.  Ask your guests to participate in a live painting to celebrate your wedding day. Not only will you have a unique work of art that will reflect the atmosphere of your reception, your guests will have the feeling of being a piece of history. Suggest using water-based paints and have a few smocks available



Convenient Playroom for Kids

Creative wedding ideas

Set up a room for your youngest guests with a babysitter. Parents will be happy to know that their kids are having fun as well. Pick a room near the reception so it would be easy for parents to check on their children and return to the party. Stock the room with games, and DVD players to keep them engaged.  Comfortable furniture is always a plus, and don’t forget to feed these little people.