The Most Romantic Hairstyles for a Wedding

Looking for a romantic wedding hairstyle while ensuring everything looks as natural as possible? We bring you a rounded up collection of the most romantic hairdos and styling tips.

Long Romantic Waves

Nothing beats the “simplicity and classiness” of well-styled romantic waves flowing effortlessly. This is the best choice for a bride who wants to go for a minimal but timeless look.

Wedding Hairstyles

Messy Low Bun

Last year we saw the spectacular trend of a messy bun (thanks to a certain duchess!). You can keep it simple or add a dreamy piece of lace or tendrils for an enhanced accessorized look. When you want the dress and accessories to make a statement, opt for this simple yet timeless hairdo.

Loose Curls with Jeweled Hairpieces

Add a delicate jeweled headpiece or secure pulled-back partitions with sparkly hair pins, and it will lend an elegant touch to your overall look.

Messy Boho 

Twisting and securing lots of curls is easier than you think. Add soft braids and a little backcombing with top half-buns are hairstyles trending the wedding charts of 2019. If you don’t mind sticking few delicate stems, leaves and dainty flowers in your head, a messy boho look is the hairstyle of dreams!


This surprising yet chic accessory has made its way to the hearts of brides in 2019! Bejeweled or plain; headbands are a bold statement that brings out the romance at the same time.

Classic Chignon With Pretty Flowers 

Traditional, classy, and timeless. Amp up the romantic quotient of your wedding with a classic chignon adorned with pretty flowers and velvet ribbons.